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plantar fasciitis

Updated: Jan 12

Plantar fasciitis is a common foot problem whose symptoms and characteristics may include:

1. Foot Pain: The typical symptom is severe pain in the sole of the foot, especially in the heel area, which is usually more significant after getting up in the morning or standing for a long time.

2. Worse Pain: Pain may worsen with walking, standing, or performing weight-bearing activities, but may improve with rest.

3. Heel Pain: Pain is usually localized near the heel and may spread to the arch area.

4. Arch Pain: You may feel pain in the arch area of ​​your foot, especially when you first start walking.

5. Induration: There may be induration or swelling in the heel where the plantar fascia is attached.

6. Morning stiffness: When you get up in the morning, because the plantar fascia is in a resting state for a short period of time, the pain may be more significant, accompanied by morning stiffness.

7. Limited activity: Plantar fasciitis may cause patients to avoid strenuous steps, affecting daily activities.

8. Cause of disease: It may be related to factors such as wearing high heels for a long time, abnormal foot arch structure, obesity, and standing for a long time.

If similar symptoms occur. Treatment may include rest, physical therapy, arch supports, heat, medication, or other medical intervention, depending on the severity of the condition.

Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the band of tissue in the foot that supports the arch and connects to the heel. Symptoms Heel pain when weight bearing or walking (pain when you wake up in the morning) Causes Plantar fasciitis can occur spontaneously without a specific injury, but your risk is increased if you: Have a job in middle age that requires a lot of walking or standing on hard surfaces Surface work. Treatment of dysflexion (inflexibility). Plantar Fascia Specific Stretching Exercises . Cross the affected leg over the other leg. Treat plantar fasciitis by grabbing the affected foot and pulling the toes toward the shin to create tension and stretch the arch. At Healthy Foot care Massage. Excellent plantar reflexology can also be effective in preventing plantar fasciitis. Well-trained and patient masseurs will take care of your feet as they would a family member. Open and try us. Inject high-quality healthy financial management into your body!

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