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Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Protect cervical spine

Working, studying or playing with mobile phones with your head down for a long time will cause excessive burden on the cervical spine, damage the joints and ligaments of the neck and shoulders, affect your vision, and also affect your appearance.

bad habit

Long-term bowing will lead to rounded shoulders, high and low shoulders, weak hunchback, etc., making you look bulky.

double chin

When looking down at the mobile phone, the neck will tilt forward unconsciously, causing tension in the platysma muscles, leading to surgical sagging, resulting in a double chin.


Looking directly at electronic screens at close range for a long time will cause eye muscle fatigue, prone to eye congestion, chronic eye attacks, and wearing myopia.

Wealth bag

A lump of meat protruding from the back of the neck is caused by excessive fat deposition in the neck and shoulders and a forward tilt of the head, causing spinal deformation and anatomical giants, which greatly affects the appearance.

Neck lines appear

There is no excess skin or fat on the neck. Lowering your head can cause skin to fold, making it easier to squeeze and create deeper neck lines.

paralyzed by risk

If people who lower their heads cause cervical spondylosis, insufficient blood supply, and congestion leading to neurological dysfunction, it will affect the facial nerve and bring about the risk of facial paralysis.

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