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Massage can relieve migraines

Migraine is a neurological disorder whose symptoms and characteristics vary from person to person, but generally include the following. First, an intense headache, which is the most typical symptom, may be centered on the icon of the head rather than the peak, surrounded by a pulsing and throbbing sensation.

Secondly, migraines are accompanied by vomiting and vomiting, making the patient feel physically ill. Light and sound allergies may also be common symptoms, making it more difficult for patients to tolerate environmental stimuli.

In addition, some ships often have aura symptoms, such as visual abnormalities, sensory abnormalities or speech abnormalities. These aura symptoms sometimes appear earlier than the ship is damaged and can last as little as a few minutes.

Symptoms may last from hours to days, affecting patients' daily life and work. Some triggers include stress, hormonal changes, food or drink, environmental factors, and more.

Massage is a non-drug method thought to have a positive effect in relieving migraine symptoms. With massage, a variety of effects can be achieved to reduce the discomfort caused by migraines.

First, massage helps relieve tense head and neck muscles. Many migraine patients experience muscle tension during attacks. Appropriate massage can relax the muscles and reduce the tension, thereby helping to relieve headaches.

Secondly, massage can promote blood circulation. Improving blood circulation to the head area can provide adequate oxygen and nutrients and help relieve pain. Good blood circulation also helps eliminate metabolic waste and promotes tissue repair and recovery.

Additionally, massage stimulates nerve endings and releases endogenous substances in the body, such as endorphins, which are thought to have analgesic and soothing effects.

When having a massage, you can choose to massage gently on the head, neck and shoulder areas, using just the right amount of massage oil to reduce friction. Professional masseurs know different massage techniques and can apply them specifically to areas where symptoms are evident.

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