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Massage can prevent and relieve back pain

Low back pain refers to discomfort or pain felt in the lower back area, and its symptoms and characteristics can vary from individual to individual. Generally speaking, the main symptoms of low back pain include pain, soreness, or tingling, which may be accompanied by stiffness. This pain may occur in the lumbar area or may radiate down into the buttocks, thighs, or even legs.

Low back pain may be acute and of short duration or chronic of longer duration. Low back pain may worsen with activity and may be relieved by resting or changing positions. Some people may also experience muscle tightness, limited movement, or difficulty maintaining normal posture.

There are many causes of low back pain, which may include muscle strain, disc herniation, spinal arthritis, lumbar spinal stenosis, etc. An individual's lifestyle, weight, posture, and genetics may all influence the development of low back pain.Some minor lower back pain can be relieved by rest, heat, or simple exercise.

Massage is an effective way to relieve low back pain. Massage helps relax tense muscles, improves blood circulation, and relieves pain and discomfort. Especially for lower back pain caused by muscle strain, massage can help relieve muscle tension and pain. Choosing the right massage technique and intensity is important and can be adjusted based on individual symptoms and preferences.

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