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Foot massage and back massage to relieve stress

The combination of foot massage and back massage is a comprehensive health therapy that can release body stress more comprehensively. Foot massage stimulates the acupoints on the soles of the feet, promotes blood circulation, relieves foot fatigue, and activates the meridians throughout the body, helping to balance the overall body.

Combined with a back massage, it can further relieve tension in the shoulders, neck and lower back. Back massage helps relax muscles, relieve back pressure, promote spinal flexibility, and improve discomfort caused by sitting and standing postures. At the same time, back massage can also stimulate the nervous system and improve the body's immunity.

A comprehensive foot and back massage can create a good body circulation, promote lymphatic drainage and improve sleep quality. This therapy also has a positive effect in slowing the heart rate and lowering blood pressure, providing overall assistance in releasing stress from the body. In modern fast-paced life, this comprehensive massage therapy has become an effective means to relieve work and life stress.

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