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benefits of Healthy massage

💮 🎋 🌷Healthy foot care team🌷 🎋 💮               

If you do one thing to help reduce anxiety, depression, enhance your mood, and truly feel & deeply relaxed, would you do it?

See a good Massage can do for you:

🍄 Stress Relief: Enjoy a relaxing massage after a long day of work. Massage Therapy alleviates muscle tensions compounded from daily stress and in turn, helps you feel more productive the next day.

💐 Anxiety Relief: With a massage, it is proven to help people feel more at ease by activating neurotransmitters & balances hormones.

🌸 Better Sleep: Massage Therapy can help decrease pain, stress, & anxiety, which are components to lead to insomnia. With a massage, serotonin is released, which is a hormone that aids in controlling sleep cycle.

🎋 Reduce Depression:

Massage Therapy relieve tension in your muscles & connective tissues, which in turn, promotes relaxation. Massages also helps people go into the state of relaxation naturally and live in the moment - which is not to stress & ponder about upcoming chores and deadlines.

🌾 Enhance Mood: Massage Therapy increases feel-good chemicals such as serotonin & dopamine in the brain. This action helps anyone feel more optimistic and help to reboot to take on the next task.

🌷 Boost Energy: Ditch the energy drinks that only leaves you feeling jittery and...strung out. Massage Therapy helps your brain relax. Having a mental break through a relaxing massage can much better benefit your mental game going forward.

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