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About Thai massage

Thai-style health massage is a popular massage method in Thailand, focusing on active joints. Easy to learn, moderate difficulty, strong practicability. Thai massage pays great attention to the stretching of the back and waist. The masseuse starts from the toes and works all the way to the top of the head to end a set of movements, and massages from the feet to the heart. The techniques cover almost all movements such as pressing, touching, pulling, pulling, kneading, and pinching.

      Thai massage is a kneeling service, with alternating movements of the left and right hands, with gentle, even, moderate speed, and in sequence. After bathing, Thai-style health massage can quickly eliminate fatigue, restore physical fitness, enhance the elasticity and vitality of joint ligaments, restore normal joint activity, and achieve the effects of promoting body fluid circulation, health care and disease prevention, and health and beauty.

Thai massage is the highest etiquette for the ancient Thai kings to entertain royal VIPs.


1. Point (Pressure) Method

2. Knead (take) method

3. Pushing

4. Chopping and knocking

5. Stepping (kneeling) method

6. Exercise joint method



      Thai massage generally starts from the feet, and moves toward the center of the human body with multiple rows of points and pressure combined.


Thai massage mostly uses delicate acupressure techniques, focusing on stretching, pushing and pinching the limbs and large muscle groups of the human body, so that the power of the palm of the hand penetrates evenly into the depths of the muscles, so as to dredge the meridians and harmonize the qi and blood.

joint mobility

Wide application of acupressure back neck, waist, rotation of the four fingers, twisting the back and turning the back method.

Thai massage has obvious effects on eliminating fatigue, relaxing muscles, and regulating emotions. In addition, it has obvious curative effects on muscle damage, gout, and inflammation.


Thai massage is the highest etiquette for the ancient Thai king to entertain royal VIPs. It is mainly divided into two categories: health massage and entertainment massage.


      Thai massage is the most intense of all massages and does not require the use of massage oil. The masseuse starts from the toes and goes up to the top of the head, with the back, waist and joints being the focus of the massage. The masseuse uses the hands, arms, feet and whole body weight to roll, stretch and stretch the body of the experiencer, stimulating muscles and connective tissue. During the massage, you will feel pain, especially for the first time experiencer, who may not be able to stand the big movements of Thai massage. The responsible masseuse will communicate with the experiencer about the massage intensity and remind them to completely relax their body and not engage in physical confrontation. So as not to hurt the experiencer himself.

Main effect - enhance body flexibility:

      If you want to move your joints, soothe your muscles, and increase your flexibility, but don't want to or don't have the time to actively exercise, try a Thai massage. This kind of massage is actually a passive yoga for the experiencer. It uses unique push-pull, pedaling, shaking and other techniques to act on the muscles, fascia and joints by pressing the feet, pressing the waist, and stepping on the spine. After the massage, it is like a massage. High-intensity exercise.

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