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About Swedish massage

Swedish Massage, a traditional European massage technique, is the most acceptable form of massage. Use essential oils to massage muscles, enhance body fluid circulation, relieve muscle tension and pain, and promote body metabolism. Swedish massage is mainly based on the principle of conforming to the direction of the superficial muscles to massage with moderate pressure, such as smoothing, long pushing, kneading, tapping, and vibration.

The biggest feature is that it is slow and stable, which can promote blood circulation, increase the absorption of different nutrients by the skin, and improve muscle activity. Relieve mental and physical stress. Swedish massage can increase the oxygen content of the blood, thereby promoting blood circulation, soothing tense muscles and relaxing emotions, especially for office workers who maintain fixed movements for a long time.

Swedish massage focuses on slow movements, continuous massage gestures and different massage techniques to massage the muscle tissue. It uses different massage techniques in rhythm and rhythm to relieve tense muscles and relax emotions. Stimulates the body's circulation through different techniques, while benefiting the lymphatic system. The benefits include relieving chronic pain, muscle soreness, physical and mental tension, clearing the mind, and directly soothing the nervous system.

Swedish massage can be said to be a classic in massage, because nowadays some massage techniques or names are changed from it. The origins of Swedish muscle massage were originally developed by a Swedish medical gymnastics doctor named Pierre Henri Kling. There was a slight difference between gymnastics at that time and our modern cognition. Of course, Dr. Lin did not develop massage techniques at first. He mainly developed sports rehabilitation using muscles and the performance of physical therapy to improve physical discomfort and finally applied it. Treatment of wounded soldiers in time of war. This is related to our current Swedish muscle massage. some years later. It was developed by a Dutch doctor D. Johan George Mezger based on the Swedish movement theory of Dr. Pierre Henri Kling and improved it into a Swedish massage technique. After years of circulation and improvement, it has become the Swedish muscle massage.

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