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About hot stone treatment massage

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

The hot massage stones used hot stone therapy are specially heated and placed on the human skin. Because hot stones have a large amount of energy, they act on local and overall systems of the body, continuously inputting heat into the body through deep heat conduction. , and then through the conduction of reflex points, it has the function of stimulating and regulating muscle tissue and joints. During body massage, the main components of the massage essential oil diffuse into the subcutaneous tissue cells and are fully absorbed by the body; the effect of the essential oil on the body is maximized.

massage with hot stones can relieve stress. Due to the fast pace of modern life, we are under mental pressure every moment. Just like being stressed from different aspects, such as anxiety, depression, fear, emotional stress, etc., or from the physical aspect. Stress, such as: overwork, long overtime work, fatigue and illness, etc. These stresses can easily cause mental stress, which in turn can cause sleep disorders (insomnia, dreaminess, lack of sleep, etc.), and sleep disorders can cause physical tension and physical tension. This will cause the body's energy to drop. Hot stone full body massage combines plant essential oils, therapeutic massage and energy therapy. According to the different symptoms of the client, different hot and cold stone energy therapy techniques and plant herbal oils are combined to coordinate anti-stress therapy, which can relax the mind, improve sleep, and improve the body. Relax, increase energy, and relieve stress on the human body; when using hot stones for shoulder and neck massage, it can reduce shoulder and neck fatigue, especially those who sit in the office or work in front of the computer for a long time. They will feel that shoulder fatigue is reduced a lot after surgery and neck pain. department

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