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Healthy massagecare your health!

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Healthy Combination  massage

$59.99 / 60 minutes Combination A:30 mins shoulder, neck, head,  hands, feet & 30 mins back massage 

$89.99/ 90 minutes Combination B:  45 mins shoulder, neck, head, hands, back & 45 mins feet reflexology 

Healthy massage
care your health!

A unique combination of foot reflexology + deep tissue massage for the back. A professional masseur will massage from the shoulders. When guests lie on the comfortable sofa to soak their feet, the masseur will first massage from the shoulders, neck and head. When the masseuse massages the feet and back. The masseur will observe and identify problem areas on the client's body. And in the following work, the masseur will pay more attention to the problem areas.

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At Healthy Foot Care Massage, every client can get back on the road to health through massage therapy. Professional masseurs not only focus on foot health, but also treat stubborn muscle pain and chronic diseases in the body with professional back deep tissue massage. For example, with reflexology, massage therapists target pressure points on the feet to help relieve pain, stimulate blood flow, and eliminate toxins from the body. In addition to foot massage, professional masseurs also soothe visitors with a back massage using coconut oil to break tense muscle knots and promote complete relaxation of our bodies that are experiencing tension.

Unique combination of foot reflexology + back deep tissue massage. A professional masseur will work from the shoulders. While the guests are sitting and soaking their feet. The masseur stands behind the client and performs a shoulder massage. Observe and detect problem areas on the client's body while massaging. And in the next work, we can pay more attention to the problem areas.

we use coconut oil

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Healthy foot careMassageCare yourHealth!

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Everyone here deserves appreciation. Due to long hours of desk work, my right index finger often becomes numb and stiff. Especially every morning. John was a great help to me. It really is worth it. I noticed the towels were clean. Keeping it clean is very important! From now on I have one more thing to look forward to - coming back here!

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